Diaglobal GmbH

Intensive information exchange with our customers on their wishes, expectations and experiences regarding our products is as important as long-term and
trustworthy cooperation.
Our customers can now be found outside Europe, on all continents and in all areas of application.
Our permanent customers include well-known specialist medical dealers and major wholesalers in Germany and other countries.

Our products are used everywhere where
   -   a measured value is required immediately or
   -   in the laboratory specialising in clinical-chemical and manual working techniques
       where qualitatively high-value diagnostics at low cost are required.

Selected examples:
   -   in the medical practice, such as gynaecological practices for monitoring
       haemoglobin during pregnancy

   -   in sports medicine for performance diagnostics and training management, in Olympic sites
       and sports clubs

   -   in rehabilitation hospitals, hospital wards, emergency reception, operating theatre and
       new-born wards for monitoring bilirubin in the first days of life

   -   in pharmacies for measurement of glucose levels, haemoglobin, lipid status and many other
       preventive medicine parameters

   -   in public establishments such as vocational schools, health offices, company medical services,
       police stations and the armed forces

   -   personal training to improve performance and increase physical

   -   in naturopath practices for quick diagnosis of the general state of health and to initiate
       preventive measures

   -   in veterinary medicine: In the veterinary practice, for examination purposes
       in pharmacological research institutes, and also in the area of preventive medicine and
       training management for animals, such as equestrian clubs where horse-owners protect
       their animals against accidents and injury by regular checks of blood values

   -   in manufacture of biodiesel to determine triglycerides and free glycerine to improve monitoring
       and control of the manufacturing process of the environmentally friendly fuel