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Our cooperating partners

Olympic sites/sports clubs
Olympic sites in Germany and Austria
German Olympic Committee
Olympic Games in Turin 2006
German Olympic Committee Equestrianism
Numerous ski, swimming, rowing and football clubs

Sports Science Institutes,
research establishments

   o   German Sport University Cologne
        Institute for circulation research and sports medicine
        Prof. Dr H. G. Predel
   o   TU Munich
        - Faculty for sports sciences
        Prof. Dr Dr Horst Michna
        Prof. Dr Ulrich Hartmann
        - Chair and teaching hospital for sports medicine
        Dr Lorenz
        Dr Schmidt-Trucksäß
   o   University of Hong Kong
        Institute of Atmosphere, Marine
        and Coastal Environment
        Prof. Dr R. Renneberg
   o   Sport Health Park Berlin
        Dr Folker Boldt
   o   SIB Sports Medicine Institute Berlin
        Institute for Circulation Research and Sports Medicine
        Dr med. Thorsten Dolla
       Dipl.-Sportwissenschaftlerin Katharina Misch
   o   University Hospital Munich
        Prof. Dr Weissenbacher
   o   University Hospital Freiburg
        Rehabilitative Preventive Sports Medicine
        Dr med. Georg Huber
   o   Charité Berlin
        Virchow Clinic
        Metabolic Centre

Sports Science Consulting and Services
   o   medconsult
        Scientific and Medical Consulting
        Dr med. Heberlein
   o   SportTexx
        Performance diagnostics training
        Dipl. Sport Sciences
        Garry Palmer
   o   PW Energy
        Health management for companies and individuals
        Patrick Weimer
   o   Dräger Safety AG
        Performance tests with
        fire brigade breathing apparatus
        Sven Rochelt
   o   Homesport.de
        Sports medicine consulting
        Dr Erich Maly
   o   Medisport Lauf
        Institute for performance diagnostics
        Pierre Ayadi