Diaglobal GmbH


The objective of this development is the extension of the application options for our mobile photometer.
Great value is placed on the immediate availability of measurement values, comfortable usage and long durability of the kit. Older photometers can generally be re-fitted to the current version of the program without any problems. Older devices comply with the requirements of the guidelines of the Bundesärztekammer* [German Medical Association] and possess an integrated device function test.

The Diaglobal photometer with the associated unit use reagents has been specially developed for immediate diagnostics near the patient. They are distinguished by the high precision of the measurement results.
Not least of all, the measurement principle based on the proven wet-chemical photometric method guarantees this level of precision, which is a prerequisite for good agreement between the classical laboratory method and the POCT method developed by us.

Diglobal GmbH regularly participates in the inter-laboratory tests of the Referenzinstitutes für Bioanalytik [Reference Institute for Bio-analysis] in Bonn, Germany. This guarantees the consistent quality of the device and the reagent. The reagent has been filled into round vials, ready for use. The sample need merely be added to it.

New at Diaglobal   Gyn Photometer  
The all-in-one device for everyday use in gynecological practices. It serves to measure hemoglobin, erythrocytes, glucose and hematocrit.

New at Diaglobal  Vet Photometer
The photometer for on-site measurement of a range of parameters for various areas of application in animal health.

*Guidelines of the Bundesärztekammer for the quality assurance of quantitative diagnostic laboratory examinations from the Deutsches Ärzteblatt [German medical journal] /  Jg. 111 / Heft 38 / 19.09.2014    www.Bundesaerztekammer.de