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Vet Photometer
DP 700

The Vet Photometer DP 700 from Diaglobal combines many years of our experience in the field of human medicine with the demands of modern veterinary medicine.

The Vet Photometer DP 700 is suitable for on-site measurement of a range of parameters for various areas of application in animal health:
- for livestock owner and veterinarians for decisions for the wellfare of your   animals
- emergency medicine
- preventive medicine
- for veterinarian aid organisations

The device is ready for use immediately after switching on, calibration is not required. All filters are installed, and you only need to select the parameter to start the measurement.

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Travelling with the Vet Photometer: Veterinary mobile laboratory
Demonstration: Calcium measurement for detecting milk fever  (Video, 568 MB)
Measured parameters:
Lactate LAC 142
Calcium  CA 015
Magnesium  MG 013 

Vario photometer
Size: 195x100x45 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Wavelengths: 520 nm
RS232C interface
Mains or battery-operated

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