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Diaglobal GmbH has been developing and producing in-vitro diagnostics for clinical chemistry since 1999. Our products are small mobile photometers with the accompanying reagents and controls. The devices and all of their accessories fit into a briefcase, and enable on-site measurement of various parameters directly from capillary blood. The devices have a wide range of uses, for example in emergency diagnostics, on the hospital ward, in GP practices, in sports as part of training management, in veterinary medicine for livestock owner and veterinarians, in equestrian sports and in process management in the manufacture of biodiesel.

One unique feature is the Diasolab® - the mobile laboratory for on-site use in areas with poorly developed infrastructure. The in-built solar cells on the device’s case mean that the Diasolab® mobile laboratory can be used even in the most remote areas without electricity and can carry out analyses under extreme climate conditions. The use of Diasolab® is particularly interesting for humanitarian and veterinarian aid organisations and third world countries.

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Refugees welcome

Diaglobal participates in the fundraising for the refugees from civil war regions and wishes all those in need a safe future in Germany.